Character Name must be lore friendly, not include profanity and not include numbers or be related to any major Star Wars character.
Note: Purebloods are prohibited and the class must be Republic faction. If a near human, which species?
Note: Cybernetics require special approval and players with cybernetics will be assessed a penalty to their action pool based on the extent of the cybernetics.
Selected Value: 0
From a scale of 0-10 with 0 being no role play experience and 10 being and expert, how would you rank your RP experience level?
For the protection of our members and the mature themes that might be presented, members must be at least 18 years old
Force sensitives must be between the age of 12-18, while Republic military must be at least 16.
(This is an In Character response, answer as your character would)
(This is an in character response, answer as your character would.)
(This is an in character response, answer as your character would)
The leadership of the Anaxes Initiative reserves the right to ask that you modify your backstory or reject it based on our understanding of lore or graphic depictions of violence or sexual content. We will contact you if we have any concerns about your backstory.
All initiates agree that they have been to Tython and received a basic education in Basic, Jedi protocol, and literacy before being sent to the Anaxes Enclave, unless there are extenuating circumstances that must be discussed with an Officer before approval, such as but not limited to a speech simulator or a learning disability. They will not have control of the Force or have extraordinary skills. Furthermore, all personal effects would have been confiscated at Tython. All military members agree that they will complete all training modules, even if the background is of a combat veteran.
Characters may not be Dark sided, use Dark side artifacts or willingly be possessed by a Dark influence. Any that do so are submitting to character death or exile upon discovery.