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    Zendorali Parsons
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      While there are several avenues for RP and many areas for you to roleplay, we want you to be able to contact the right person at any time. That being said, ALL of our Junior Officers and Officers are helpful and dedicated to providing a fun roleplay experience for everyone. Ask any of us if you are unsure of who to talk to and we will direct you to the correct person.


      Angie Guildmaster | Lightsaber Instructor Unit | Shadows | Website Development
      Andermach Overseers | Oracle | HR Head
      Tuyos 5th Omega Company
      Cyvick Guardians | Lightsaber Instructor Unit | Content Creation
      Fay Roll System | Academy
      Ressik Beastmasters | Consulars

      Junior Officers

      Kraai Community Events | Sentinels
      Shozi Assistance for Guidance | Oracles
      Gilly Emissaries
      Jorus Council Guard
      Kil Healers
      Zendorali Assistance for Guidance | Wardens

      Officer Assists

      Chiki Assist with 5th Omega Company
      Jaden Artisans | Sentinels | Lightsaber Instructors
      Morrinh Welcoming Committee Assist
      Salthe Warriors

      The Jedi Council

      Master Ang’agon Wildfire Grandmaster | Battlemaster
      Master Andermach Dawnstar Master of the Order | Master Oracle
      Master Fay Dawnseeker Caretaker of First Knowledge | Keeper of Antiquities
      Master Kil Rhervak Chief Healer
      Master Gillyade Geshan Ambassador
      Master Cyvick Raxon Master Guardian | High Jedi General
      Master Ressik Ayala Head Beastmaster | Master Consular
      Master Jorus Kah Gatekeeper

      Specialization Leadership

      Master Cyvick Raxon Master Guardian
      Master Jorus Kah Gatekeeper
      Master Zendorali Parsons First Warden | Chief Engineer
      Master Kiir Zovak Starfighter Corps | Warden Champion
      Master Kil Rhervak Chief Healer
      Master Ressik Ayala Chief Beastmaster | Master Consular
      Knight Kraai Galaar Master Investigator
      Knight Jaden Karr Master Seeker | Master Artisan
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